Dee Why Surfing Fraternity - Minutes 2.2.10

Contest duration - aim to speed up the process.
We would like to reduce the overall time it takes to run the contests, to do this we are proposing the following;
All single heats in any division, run prior to any group of heats that require semi’s and finals to determine the outcome.
We would like to combine both the Under 20’s and the Over 35’s into the Opens and have the “Opens” as “A” & “B” grades.

We would like to trial a grading system for the “Opens” “A” Grade would consist of 12 competitors. The “A” Grade competitors will be selected from last years results. “B” Grade would make up the balance.
We would like to run the smaller divisions Under 12’s, Under 16’s and 45’s as early as possible, using a minimal setup for these heats, I.e judging sheets and three judges. By running these heats early we allow for juniors who play other winter sports (Soccer & Footy) this gives the Opens divisons the opportunity to arrive later in the morning and the “Opens”can run uninterupted.

We would also like to introduce the following;  To have the top eight surfers ceded from the previous contest. They don't have to surf until the quarters.

The competitors who progress through the rounds prior to the quarters then surf against the ceded surfers, as we know surfing can be unpredictable, this approach offers up the "dark horse" factor and gives everyone an opportunity, it also keeps a healthy level of competition from both sides.

It allows for room to make it even more interesting and throw in a "wild card" entry?

Under 12’s are to start at 8am sharp, which means they have to meet at the beach by 7:30am.
Under 16’s immediately after. Approximately 8:30am
Over 45’s in the next heat. As close to 9:am as possible.
“B” Grade would run first, “A” Grade at the completion of “B” Grade.

Ups and Downs
An “A”Grade surfer who comes last in three consecutive contests drops down to “B” Grade
A “B” Grade surfer who wins three consecutives contests, advances to “A” Grade.
We would like to hear your comments, on these proposals, please contact any of the committee and provide your feedback or ideas.

Membership fee’s for 2010
$40 for Opens
$20 for Juniors
Membership fee’s include one T-Shirt/Tank Top and DYSF cap.
Contest fees will be $3.00 per contestant, and will be payable on the day prior to competing.
Additional shirts can be purchased for $20 each. This year we have a combination of T-Shirts and Tank Tops in various sizes. Small, Medium and Large.

Winter Clothing
Hoodies are to be made available for the winter months. We would like to obtain a rough idea of numbers prior to ordering as this will affect our purchase price.

Surftag team
Congratulations to the team for a great result, onto Northy! The DYSF support crew also gets a mention good one boy’s.
The committee has decided that the Surftag team will be provided with a reasonable amount for expenses, I.e petrol, food etc. The contest director will be responsible for the money and it’s subsequent distribution.

All correspondence for DYSF is now to be directed to Col Steell.