DYSF Code of Conduct

Dee Why Surfing Fraternity (DYSF) has been operating since November 1961, throughout this period the DYSF has generated a strong culture of loyalty and integrity. In order to maintain the DYSF culture the following “Code of Conduct” is to be read and adhered to by all members.


Members are required to act with integrity at all times. In particular they are to make sure that their behavior does not offend other club members or members of the public. Such behavior includes;
loud swearing, verbal or physical aggression or nudity.

In the Water

When in the surf you are to respect each other member of the “fraternity”
Normal water rules apply. i.e;
Place the safety and welfare of yourself and others above all else.
Conduct yourself in a professional manner including language and temper.
A surfer who is deemed to be on the inside has the right of way.
When paddling out so as not to impede a surfers ride, maintain a good distance, always use the shoulder allowing the surfer use of the unbroken wave face, in some instances it may require paddling into the impact zone.

Clause 1.
In the case of non local surfers they should also abide by standard water practices. If they ignore such practices they should be advised of the rules of the beach and act accordingly. If they persist to show a lack of respect to local surfers by breaching the rules then they should be asked to move to another more suitable part of the beach.

Clause 2.
If any member of the “fraternity” is being harassed then provide support. On some occasions it is necessary to show strength in numbers

Representative Surfers
If you have been selected to represent DYSF, act with pride, you have been selected by your peers it is your duty to act accordingly at all times, in and out of the water.
You are there to represent DYSF, therefore your primary focus is on “competing/surfing” for the fraternity.
You are the face of the “fraternity” you are representing all members both past and present.
It is in your best interests to have a solid understanding of the rules and regulations of the contest and abide by them.
Accept the rules.

Avoid situations that could be construed as compromising.
Avoid any situation which may lead to a conflict of interest.
Provide feedback to surfers and other participants in a manner sensitive to their needs. Constructive critisism as opposed to insults.
Actively discourage the use of performance enhancing drugs, and the use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances.

By all means celebrate, but leave it for after the competition.

Substance abuse
DYSF does not condone the use of any sort of illicit drugs. Members should discourage any person or persons who try to introduce any illegal substances.

DYSF will support members experiencing difficulties of this type and it will continue to do so if the member is genuinely seeking to solve their problem.

Older members of the “fraternity” need to demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility especially when dealing with persons under 18 years of age, as your words and actions are an example.
Be a positive role model.

Complaints should be put to a committee member not involved in the decision rather than those directly involved.
The committee is to act with impartiality.
The committee’s decision on any dispute will be final.
The committee reserves the right to expel any member who does not adhere to the above codes, and will not tolerate acts of aggression towards other members for any reason.